Friday, June 27, 2008

What strategy planning is not

Strategy planning is not obsessing over "insights"

Strategy planning is not about being at war with the creative team

Strategy Planning is not about not-being-client-servicing

Strategy planning is not about endless ppt slides of 'gyan' you learnt in college and swore you would never touch again

Strategy planning is not saying things nobody else seems to understand or honestly, even cares about


Strategy Planning is about identifying the problem at hand and describing it in one line

Strategy planning is about bringing a new perspective to the table (could be through a ppt)

Strategy planning is the ability to make a 'brainstorm' constructive and prevent it from dragging on for ever

Strategy planning is the ability to acknowledge and make note of a good idea

Strategy planning is to be a treasure trove of fascinating stories and anecdotes and information

Strategy Planning is to be like a sponge, absorbing all the knowledge that surrounds you

Strategy planning is to love people enough to understand what they actually mean when they say something (during consumer research)

Strategy planning is to respect a client servicing persons job (knowing that you will not be able to handle the job in a 100 years)

Strategy planning is about making sense to the creative teams

Strategy planning is about making sense


Shek said...

subscribed to the feed.

sent u an invitation to PIO (Planners of Indian Origin) on facebook. do join. there's close to 60 planners there already!

also sent u a mail to check if u've landed a break in Col and if u need any leads.


Manish said...

hey pooja
gud to hear your voice again after a long time!

keep penning those thoughts!
all the best

POOJA NAIR said...

hi shek. i met you on my other blog. I also replied to your comment about 'leads in colombo' there...

Anbuchezhian said...

Hi Pooja

Nice to hear from you. I guess we could make a thotblurb out here. So when did you move to colombo? I have moved to Wunderman in Chennai. Please keep those posts coming in. And yes do take care of the bombs in Colombo. Jus kidding

Pinku said...


that was soooooo a much used and abused by planners servicing person and i am almost tempted to copy your post and mail it to all the planners i can think of.

Refreshing to think that planners can also think like this.

POOJA NAIR said...

nice to hear from you too anbuchezian...

Hi Pinku! please feel free to send this to anybody you like. :)