Tuesday, December 9, 2008

"My current favourite" award for the Lime and lemony allure

The "my current favourite" ad award

The latest Advertisement for Limca is one ad that I don't mind watching repeatedly. I was watching a movie (khosla ka ghosla) on SetMax the other day and we all know how irritating the ad-breaks can get. (even to those of us who are responsible for them :) )

I find it particularly irritating because it often causes me to miss a few seconds/minutes of the show that I'd be watching. This happens because I flip channels during the commercial break because its utterly boring to see the same set of ads repeatedly in each break. By the time I surf and get back, the break would have already got over, and my show would have already started. Sometimes, this causes me to forget about what I was watching originally altogether!!!

The Limca ad too, was aired in each commercial break throughout this movie and I happily drank it down each time. The beautiful jingle, the mysterious splashes of water, sizzling Sushma and that hottie model. (somebody tell me his name)

The ad has a perfect blend of mystry, sensuality and intimacy - the qualities essential in making a lovemark out of a brand.

Each time i would try and listen to the lyrics, learn the song, and you really can't watch enough of the classy pair featured in the ad.

The first ever "my current favourite" award goes to the Limca - fresh ho jao commercial. :)

You can enjoy it here.


Upkaran Gupta said...

The Limca Ad has always been a favorite for sure……

Furthermore other Ads that I really enjoy during breaks are Cadburys, Liril (did Preity first appear in this Ad before stardom?), etc……

ripples said...

The Limca ad is definitely sensual and gives a victorian feel with its tune.. like the 1920s ... to be true i didnt know that it was Sushama in the first place but yeah.. nice way to have a lunch break from office..!

meraj said...

this one gets an award from me as well for:
- the looks and expressions of Sushma
- the jingle
- look and feel (execution) of the commercial


meraj said...

to know more about the commercial(including the name of the hottie) go here:

POOJA NAIR said...


yes priety first had appeared in the liril commerical...


thanks for your comments


THANK YOU for the link. Got all the trivia. The dude is Niketan Madhok.. :)

Nibras Bawa said...
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POOJA NAIR said...


i too never liked the taste of Limca

i wonder if a majority of people feel the same...

mathew said...

I was wondering the same..simply fell in love with the ad when i was home..