Friday, September 17, 2010

lightbulb power !!!!

I just came across this video and it made me think about how the world has never been this idea oriented before. Ideas are literally the new currency. Just recently we were in the knowledge economy. Today we live in an "ideas economy". That's one thing i thought about.

The second thing is that audience participation is the most wonderful thing to have hit the new media scene.

I mean JUST look at how anybody from anywhere can raise up a storm about their brand/service amongst potentially millions of people!

Check it out. Its a 'backwards music video'. The idea for this was one amongst the 1000's that were sent in by regular people.

When you see the video, it is unlikely that you won't want to see the same video forward. So for that, they ask you to go to this link: And violla! you find yourself reading all about how to sleep better (and possibly placing an order for their brand of pillows)


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