Thursday, July 1, 2010

"My favourite ad" award for 'yeh nok jhok...'

"Yeh nok jhok" is how the hindi jingle for the latest Limca ad begins. Roughly,the phrase refers to playful mutual teasing.

If you see the TVC you will get the meaning a little better, just from the visuals.

In December 2008, the previous Limca TVC had inspired me to start a 'my favourite ad' award on this blog. I had conferred the first ever 'my favourite ad award' to the Limca TVC featuring Sushma Reddy. You can see that TVC in that post. I have given out the award to numerous ads since, and this time I am happy to give the coveted trophy to the current Limca TVC.

What a delicious confluence of poetry, art and advertising - once again!

This ad definitely has the quality I look for in a TVC for this trophy - that of never tiring you of viewing it.

Okay and here's my tribute to the poetry used in the ad:

I shall translate it for the enjoyment of a larger audience.

Such playful banters - the fountains conspire it...
The cool sighs, the cool sights - why don't you own them once again?
Why don't you wake those sleeping desires
And celebrate a fresh relationship?

Why don't you soak your dreams in the freshness of these fragrances?
why don't you help yourself to a few thrills from these sweet-sweet moments?

Limca - get soaked in freshness!

And while it sounds beautiful in English, in Hindi it is a 1000 times more endearing!

Only problem is that I hate the taste of the product. :p But I don't mind a glass of this ad anytime!


meraj said...

me also likes the people used in the ad...did you know that its written by Swanand Kirkire (the one who wrote the song 'Baanwra Mann' amongs many others).

and, nice translation...

Pooja Nair said...

no i did not know that bit of trivia! thanks!

I love the baanwra mann song!

mr bojangles said...

i also didn't know about Baanwra Mann, so thanks Meraj, and thank you Pooja for the beautiful translation.