Monday, November 24, 2008

Three cheers for Gmail!

Don't you just love the latest feature of gmail? New colours and themes. What a fantastic way of making me fall in love with Gmail!
(have been reading
The Lovemarks Effect by Kevin Roberts. It shows)

The great insight GMAIL uses is that we love to personalise our own space. We lap up any little thing that allows us to celebrate our individuality.

This insight could be used in a variety of industries. The concept spurned the MP3 player industry, few years ago. This insight is largely responsible for the success of the ipod. Of course, Apple took it a step further by throwing in mouth watering design.

Clothing comes to mind. Wherein one could choose a theme to suit his/her personality. Imagine a saree brand that brings out sarees in these themes - art, music, dance, mathematics etc...or a tie company that similarly allows you to choose from a variety of designs under each theme. A shoe company that designs shoes in these templates could be a hit too.

I think sarees and ties could be fashionable amongst college goers! (i don't think its a big deal to ear a saree btw. its all in the mind. if a young woman thinks its "cool" she will go to any extent to master the art of saree draping. Young media professionals would start wearing the tie again. But this is a subject for a different post.)


meraj said... the way google keeps adding relevant value to its service and making the users happy.


meraj said...

the local weather look feature is too much!

POOJA NAIR said...

i was blown by that feature too!!! :) AMAZING!