Monday, January 11, 2010

"My Favourite ad" award for the strongest and lightest ever

What a concept! To be strong and light at the same time. Trust Samsonite to introduce such a product.

But what inspired me to write this blog-post is the TVC I saw of it. I was floored.

A man cartwheeling, holding the suitcase. I doubt there is a more simpler and more creative way to demonstrate lightest AND strongest. The art direction of the commercial is a total bonus. Deadly combination of beauty and brains. Pardon the cliched usage.

See the ad here. The cleverest and prettiest ad ever. Dare I say!


meraj said...

you explained it well...'cleverest & prettiest'.

i particularly loved the huge black n white canvas in the backdrop...its not advertising, its art!

mr bojangles said...

sahee hai. i liked the ad too, but i missed out thinking about the 'lightest' part.. but you're right, it's a very clever way to put the point across.

(hehe.. the word for verification is pyrlo. pyr lo, pyr do!)