Monday, July 28, 2008

About the TG

You will find this title (or the likes of it) on any good creative brief.
So, let's ponder over our TG.
In the wake of the big changes that have recently taken place, it is important that we keep speed with the changes that have occurred to our audiences.

It is well recognized and acknowledged finally that the "SEC segmentation" is obsolete.

I know of well-to-do (supposed SEC A) people that opt to wait for discount season. I know of taxi-drivers (SEC D) who took a loan to buy that camera phone. Segmentation needs to be done based on mindsets rather than on social economic status.

We can't create an ad without knowing who you are talking to now can you?

What struck me is that maybe we marketers don't need to do the segmentation. If you take a closer look at social networking sites, you see people are happily segmenting themselves. Into communities they believe they belong in.

Of course that gives us an innumerable number of segments but is it really mandatory to be able to put the segments on to a single chart? Not really.

Increasing sense of individuality is a home truth and the communication will need to eventually be narrowed down to the individual as much as possible in the future.

One can imagine what the creative brief (for the relevant brands) can derive from the conversations in groups such as the following, easily available on any SNS

Animal lovers
Beauty addicts
Party animals
Food lovers
Fitness freaks
Music maniacs
Travelers etc

So, here's to inspiring creative briefs!

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Anbuchezhian said...

Absolutely right. I think clarity in segmentation can be brought about by our own personal experiences of interacting with various people from various strata of society and most of the time we find the same thing true.