Tuesday, August 5, 2008

The size of your brain

On Facebook, I recently added an application called "Who has the biggest brain?".

It throws a series of IQ type questions at you in separate sections that test your spatial-visual, analytical, arithmetic and memory skills.

The first time I had a go at it, I sat there expecting a number that would define my intelligence level. Instead, I was told that I had the brain the size of a dog! Not exactly something to shout about. But, I got better in subsequent tests and have climbed to the brain of Neanderthal man. So, there’s potential.

It’s interesting how something technical can be translated into something so relatable, relevant and easy to understand.

Clients tend to talk about their products and brands in a very technical manner. It is up to us advertisers to translate that into a language the consumer will understand and adopt easily.

Of ’course to be able to do that, a thorough understanding is necessary. You’ve got to understand the brand, the product, the consumer, the environment in which they interact with the brand/product etc.

But once you’ve cracked it. It works wonders for the brand. It will immediately capture their imagination and gets them hooked on.

When you take out the jargon from "What's your IQ?" you are left with "How big is your brain?"


AM ma said...

pooja i am writing the3rd time here .the 2previous times i goofed up in saving or pressed the wrong buttons[oops the correct jargon is keys}
1 thing i got to tell u ad people
in each commercial break--" one ad should not be beemed more than once".In economics it is called 'diminishing marginal utlity'
or in lay mans terms-too much is too bad

Samosas for One said...

I love the name of your blog!

POOJA NAIR said...


Gina said...

I was curious about this app...I'm very competitive and I'd love to be on the top of the pyramid on my friends' profiles. Instead, I've added the One Minute Mogul App. It's really fun and has two games on it.