Wednesday, July 9, 2008

For the 'love' of 'money' - more about research

A friend shared this quote with me and I found it worth a new post.

“If all people are unique, and if they are constantly changing each and every day, then all one can say about any research finding is that it applied to that group of people on that given day, and given the propensity of humans to be different and to change, then it is unlikely that one would get the same results if one were to repeat the study.”
Wayne Dyer

The point is that you have to always take research findings with a pinch of salt. A lot of people treat research findings as the final truth and this may be wrong.

However with quanti research, if a sample of a 1000 people reveal that most people rate "freshness" as the primary motive behind purchase of a refrigerator. It can be taken seriously.
Such research also helps reveal the top 5 criteria etc which works.
However that shouldn't make us afraid of creating a brand new criterion through advertising.

The classic example of LG-eye comes to mind. All of a sudden, for a long period of time, all people wanted in their TV set was the "eye" that controls the brightness as per the brightness of the room thereby making TV watching harmless to the eyes.

A research done before the LG-eye campaign would have not revealed it to be a criterion.

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meraj said...

good example there. all the confectionary and chips Brands also thrive on constantly 'creating a need' by coming up with new taste combinations.