Monday, July 14, 2008

The clutter breakers

I have decided to put down a list of ads that broke the clutter on Indian TV that i can think of...

1) Hutch, when it decided to not use people in its ads and use those line-drawings of a boy and girl instead. they were endearing, simple to understand and unforgettable

2) Surf Excel - daag ache hain which actually welcomes stains. It compels us to just let children be. The idea was originally used by Persil, UK. Take a look at their latest ad here to see a real clutter breaker.

3) Pulsar mania - which simply decided to showcase raw stunts mercilessly in going with their 'definitely male' history. Absolute show-stopper of an ad!

4) Sprite - I don't know why they changed from that positioning. It was a super property and people still associate sprite with 'baaki all bakwas'

5) Airtel - "border film" as it is called by regular people. It's power lies in its script. The ad talks about the ultimate level of 'communication' and yet brings out a very basic truth about the power of 'conversation'. Even the most disinterested TV audience has taken notice of and remembers this film. (i observed this in various FGDs)

6) Dove testimonials when it first came many years back. Testimonials still help break clutter except that somehow, if its a skin-care brand, anyone other than Dove doing a testimonial looks out of place.

7) The Garniere skin cream ads, all have a consistent element of contemporary, spiteful, slickness to them. I can recall a TVC each for their skin lightening cream, wrinkle lift cream, sun-block cream and the pimple pen - each differentiated by the use of a distinct colour scheme for each. Yet, you can tell that they all belong to the same family.

Lets' think about what helped the above ads to break clutter.

They tell it differently. They often go back to the basics. The TG relates to them in a snap. They are mostly compassionate. They are a feast for the eyes and the mind.

I am sure these qualities are universal to any clutter-breaking ad in the world.

Which ads come to your mind other than these?


Anbuchezhian said...

the spot for Ericcson mobiles ( One black Coffee Please ), St Gobain ( the housekeeping lady throws a bucket of Water ),Cadbury's dancing girl

POOJA NAIR said...

thanks anbu...