Monday, July 21, 2008

From reel brand to real brand

What happens when you happen to get a chance to see a celebrity actor live only to see that he really has a big acne problem and is really rude to his chauffeur?

You have seen him on the screen and on posters. He was absolutely blemish-free of course!

The hero you had seen is no longer a hero in your eyes.

Same holds true with brands. If all the effort and money spent on the campaign is not augmented with what the customer experiences on ground, it negates the aura created via the campaign.

The ambiance in which the brand is sold for example must match up to the imagery created

The product needs to talk to you in the same tone of voice. The copy on the package must be in line with the imagery created.

Care needs to be taken to continue the 'reel' experience of the brand to the 'real' experience of it.

What do you think of my analogy?


Ash said...

Hi Pooja

I'm a management student at a British University and I must say I really liked your analogy!

POOJA NAIR said...

thanks ash! cheers!