Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Like a smile

Recently, while chilling at Mirrisa beach, it occurred to me that every beach on the world will have sand creations - from the ubiquitous sand-mountain to the intricate castles.

It made me think of certain truths that bind humanity together - like a smile - everybody knows a smile when they see one.

These are the kinds of truths that mainstream advertising agencies have a constant thirst for.

It's through these universal truths, insights if you please that we create ads that are universally relatable.

Of course with increasing individuality and corresponding advancements in technology, we have now shifted to the new-age many-to-one communication strategy as opposed to the traditional one-to-many strategy. Wherein we can focus on more customised truths.

Yet, this exercise is fun. Lets put together a list of universal truths. Do share the ones you may have bumped into.

Look around you! :)


meraj said...

- Mother's love for her child
- Sibling rivalry
- Sympathy for the underdog
- The world loves a lover
- Nostalgia
- Women wanting to look good
- Men wanting to act or look macho
- Sexual attraction
- Desire for more

some that i could think of immediately

Pooja Nair said...

Oh! Thank you so much for contributing.

Great list Meraj...

Sibling rivarly, however i believe depends on the age-gap. The greater the age-gap the lesser the rivalry.

Anyone have any more of these? Do share.

mathew said...

*A kid's smile
*All special days..Birthday..anniversaries..
*Hoping for luck in dire straits

Anbuchezhian said...

praying in a tense moment

Pooja Nair said...

Thank you so much guys...really nice!

lilmorethanamommy said...

Kids' love to play
Humming along with a song.
Paranoia in moms.
Anxiousness for exam results.
Whining for a lover.
Enjoying attention.

Pooja Nair said...

wow LMTM!!!

great inputs...all are universaly true...tho I know of people who don't enjoy attention... :)

but my blog sure enjoys your attention! :)