Monday, January 5, 2009

Lifting the burden of choice

Each time we want to buy something, we get hit by a huge mountain. The mountain of choice, putting pressure on us to make the right choice.

The last thing we want to hear post-purchase is that we missed out on a better, more economical option.

When all the confusion passes, this is how people typically end up MAKING THEIR CHOICE:

Consumer durables:

1) What everybody seems to buy. LG for white goods, Sony for cameras, HP for printers have that advantage in India.
2) What is under a promotional offer

Financial services:

1) Advice of those you believe to be finance-savvy.

FMCG (since it requires far lesser commitment, the choices are swayed by the following)

1) the packaging
2)the fragrance
3)product innovation etc (
lux uplifting firm for instance)
4)free bees (
parachute massager for instance)

Automobile buyers can be classified into the following:

1) those looking for fuel efficiency
2) those looking for raw style
3) those looking for a blend of the above in desired proportions

Apparel/shoes/watches/sun shades/luxury brands:

1) brand attitudes/image that match theirs
2) peer influence

So, apart from in the last category, one wonders what role does advertising really play?

It depends on the stage in which your brand is:

Stage 1: To get your brand into the consideration set - (
bingo chips is at this stage and doing a great job of it)

On crossing stage 1:

Stage 2: to get a preference over other brands - (Electrolux , Samsung mobile is at this stage in India)

On crossing stage 2:

Stage 3: Making them fall in love with the brand and thereby lifting the burden of choice altogether..... (Coke, ipod, gmail are at this stage)


mr bojangles said...

that was very insightful. i also checked out the lux uplifting thing - very intriguing twas! the things people come up with!!

POOJA NAIR said...

hello mr bojangles,

Glad you enjoyed it. People from advertising usually know these things and have their own views...i just documented mine thats all... :)