Thursday, April 2, 2009

Favourite ad award for the Vodafone 10p SMS campaign - sabko batao!!!

These ads won my heart. Apart from a high 'repeated viewability' quotient that I always talk about, these ads are fortified with brilliant acting performance and charming use of background score. The score adds to the humour beautifully.

I'd say, you can watch these ads not just repeatedly but endlessly!!!

Turns out that these ads are the follow up ads to a main ad which can be seen and read about here.

However the main ad is not a patch on the follow-up ads. The follow-up ads are crisp, short and thoroughly enjoyable. Brings a big grin to my face every time!

If there were acting awards for ad models/actors, I would give it to the girl in the 'celebrity' ad. She has done a great job! I could be biased because she is the one i can relate to most. One of my male colleagues likes the pass-fail performance better. I really wish i didn't have to refer to them as 'the girl' and 'the boy'. Would be grateful if anybody could tell me their names.

See the ads here, here and here.

It has made me realise the following:

A good idea dearly depends on execution to become a great idea.

Hats off to the casting team and the production house. Will someone please tell me who the production house is? (I have been searching on google but in vain...)


meraj said...

hey, thats a great introduce best acting awards in advertising. will also serve as a good impetus to the models acting career in movies etc.

mathew said...

yeah..i must say i liked the college ad..though if you strictly go by the acting skills that girl in celebrity ad takes the cake!! kinda cute ad!;-)