Thursday, March 19, 2009

A few more smiles

Few months back, in this post, I had initiated a list of universal truths. Truths that transcend language and cultural barriers:

Thanks Meraj, Mathew and Anbu for your contributions.

My attempt in the following list is to present truths that are, lets say, on the second level of truths. The first level include the more fundamental truths such as maternal instinct, sexual desire, envy, desire for more etc...

Here's a list of truths which may not be covered in a ' basic human psychology course'.

1) Feeling pangs of guilt for being more privileged than the, I shall take this opportunity to use the most popular buzz word of the day - slumdogs. Whether we do something about it or manage to ignore.

2) An unexpected present at an unexpected time can win you a special slot in anybody's heart. Don't believe it? Try it and see! ALWAYS worked for me. (borrowed from the movie 'Finding Forester')

3) We all have wanted to prove some people wrong about what some people think of us

4) We all like to 'collect' things. The thing may vary but everybody collects something. (such as the collection of owls in the picture)

5) There is a child in every grown-up and a grown-up in every child. (the former brought out beautifully in the Fiat Linea ad and the latter in Slumdog millionaire)

6) Its difficult to stay calm in presence of a loved celebrity. No matter how dignified you are. (Shown masterfully in the new Vodafone ad. Can't find it on Youtube yet)

7) Anybody who meets/sees a BIG celebrity feels it important to later make character judgements - "very unassuming" or "big showoff" or "has bad skin" or "is very short" or "has a presence" or the favourite: "is very ordinary"

Hope each of them made you smile. I enjoyed putting them together..:)



Manish said...

i loved your insights 2, 3 and going to implement 2 LOL and yes 7 happened to me when I met Salim and Javed saheb:-)

Pooja Nair said...

Hi Manish!
Its a special feeling to see your comment here.
There was a time when you would chase me for insights! LOL
I learnt a lot from you. :)

mathew said...

you are a good observer!:-)
i loved your statement 5..quite an observation that was..

Pooja Nair said...

Thanks Mathew...ya, I guess #5 is quite hard-hitting

Calliopia said...

I can't help agreeing with the others, you're very insightful. Wish I had your gift for that

meraj said...

some brillaint ones there, Pooja...made me think of a few more (may not be able to present in a charming manner as yours):

- in a group, if one person looks at his / her watch or mobile everyone follows the suite

- every batch in a hostel / educational institution claims (an thinks) that they had the best and most glorious time...most interesting batch...most fun etc etc

- almost everyone enjoys comparing people's (friends / family / general) faces with some celebrity / film star / politician etc

- when asked for age and star sign by somebody from opposite sex, almost every young person replies, 'take a guess' or a smarter rendition of it.