Tuesday, July 14, 2009

What's wrong with today's advertising award shows?

Read this article on the 'adsoftheworld' website and decided this article deserved a mention on my humble blog.

I subscribe to these views completely. Here are 4 things pointed out by the author:

1) Effectiveness isn't considered

2) Scams are allowed

3) Patting our own shoulders - no one outside of the ad industry takes them seriously

4) High cost of entry.

Read more here.


phish said...

Good point P. I have my own pet peeve against award shows. I am fighting huge numbers of creative youngsters, yet to join advertising, who religiously believe in the following:

1. Doing only scams (small logo on RHS)
2. Awards are everything
3. Clients are stupid.
4. Servicing/Planning is inferior DNA

And the solid advertising that works is boring.
I am of course, labelled, unsuccessful and a *&*&head.

meraj said...

good reading. thanks! awards should be the least of the priority when you are doing something for commercial purposes.