Thursday, August 21, 2008

Brand way forward - CSR

Looking at the current Idea Cellular campaign promoting education coupled with the NDTV-Idea initiative, I get the feeling that for the first time their line "an Idea can change your life" and "what an Idea sirji" holds real meaning.

This time, they are actually calling for action. They are driving a system wherein people interested in taking up the education of an underprivileged child can do so via Idea Cellular.

Corporate Social Responsibility is a powerful way to win over the increasingly discerning consumer. Brands have got to believe first that there's no harm in mixing business with compassion.

Besides it's the only way for us marketers and advertisers to save ourselves from a few years of
purgatory. And if you don't believe in that sort of thing, do it for the sake of your conscience.

EXAMPLE 1: For instance, if a Cola brand endeavored to produce music albums that spread a socially relevant message, it would add meaning to the brand. The way
Mr. Waseem Mahmood produced this song to bring out the voice of the moderate Muslim in Pakistan. Waseem Mahmood is no brand but had he been, imagine the loyalty it would have got. (take a look at this to know what I mean)

EXAMPLE 2: I came across the efforts of Pastor Will Bowen, who gives away bracelets in order to help people free themselves of complaints. Read about
it on my other blog.

Imagine if a brand whose core values is to feel good does this. Like a 5-star hotel resort or an airline. Adding a 'lets free our world of complaints'

CSR is the best way forward because everyone stands to gain from it. And there are great exciting ways to do it.

Lets differentiate ourselves from politicians and think beyond short-sighted, personal agendas.

Let make "branding" more planet and people friendly. Because that will decide the future of a brand's popularity.

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