Tuesday, September 2, 2008


I wrote a post some time back about de-jargonizing ads. You can read it here.

I just happened to come across a few examples:

The latest Tata Sky ad featuring Aamir Khan in a man-woman role. During the dialogue, you hear Aamir khan say that Tata Sky makes your TV look like a computer. This explains "digital TV" in the simplest way possible to a layman!

The latest GNNIT ad says "One GNNItian gets placed every 11 minutes" Now, that sounds a lot more impact full than simply quoting a large number and say, "we place X number of people" or the typical "100% placement", which seems to be a promise everybody makes.

Arriving at such simplicity however, is not that simple. It requires a bit of lateral thinking and effort.

Take a look at this random article I found which explains the science (if i might call it that) behind another such example that made magic out of numbers: ebay India sells one product a minute.

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