Friday, January 2, 2009

What's your Cartoon Quotient?

India is witnessing a major animation boom.

This seems to be more a result of cheaper costs more than anything else.

This is probably why when you see the locally made animation films you sense a distinct lack of quality.

So far the Indian animation films have compensated for the lack in finesse by a clever choice of subject - religion and mythology. You can't go wrong with that in India.

But the minute you try a 'roadside romeo', it doesn't see the light of day.
We could do with a quality overhaul I say. :)

How long will it be before India will create animation with the sensitivity of a Disney or the humour of dreamworks?

We need more people with a higher Cartoon Quotient to drive the Indian Industry.

Perhaps the people behind the Indian cartoons have not grown up on a diet of cartoons and comics. People who have would typically have a higher cartoon quotient.

Compare the above picture from 'Roadside Romeo' to the one below from the 1955 Disney film 'Lady & the Tramp'.


Vipin said...

So true, the two pictures tell it all, especially the ladies in the two!

Upkaran Gupta said...

Wish you a Fabulous New Year Ahead……… Take Care…… Joy

POOJA NAIR said...

Good to hear from you Vipin. keep dropping by!

POOJA NAIR said...

thank you Upkaran. wish you the same!